XTX Markets announces launch of new machine learning division ‘XTY Labs’ headed by Dr. Atlas Wang

LONDON, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XTX Markets, a leading algorithmic trading company, is excited to announce the launch of XTY Labs, a new machine learning division to be headed by newly appointed Research Director, Dr. Atlas Wang.

XTY Labs is set to become a hub for elite machine learning researchers and will be home to the new ‘XTY Labs AI Residency Program’, offering researchers short-term AI residency contracts ranging from 6-12 months.

For more details on the program and AI residencies (in terms of the roles and compensation) click here.

The program is designed to provide elite researchers with the freedom, guidance and resources to create cutting-edge machine learning solutions tailored for the complexities of finance.

Award-winning, machine learning specialist Dr. Atlas Wang will lead XTY Labs. He brings a wealth of experience and extensive expertise in machine learning, optimization and AI technologies to the role.

Dr. Atlas Wang, Research Director of XTX Markets’ XTY Labs, commented:

“I am thrilled to join XTX Markets. It’s an honour to lead such a unique division where the brightest minds in AI and finance will converge to redefine the future of algorithmic trading. Our mission is to rapidly turn the latest AI breakthroughs into tangible market advantages, and I eagerly anticipate the revolutionary solutions that will emerge from this truly unique endeavour.

With a world-class team, unparalleled resources, and a culture that fosters pioneering research, the XTY Labs is poised to become the crucible of next-generation financial technologies.”

Dr. Alex Gerko, Founder and Co-CEO of XTX Markets, commented:

“We are delighted to launch XTY Labs and welcome Atlas to the team. This launch is a response to the many queries we have had from exceptional candidates, who may not be ready to take the leap into finance full time.

The program is designed to match the experience of XTX researchers as closely as possible and it’s a fantastic opportunity for some to eventually transition into the core quant team at XTX.

We look forward to supporting and nurturing the AI residents and seeing the developments from XTY Labs in the coming years.”

About XTX Markets, XTY Labs and the AI Residency Program:

XTX Markets is a leading algorithmic trading company and has over 200 employees based in London, Paris, New York, Mumbai, Yerevan and Singapore. XTX provides liquidity in the Equity, FX, Fixed Income and Commodity markets and trades over $250bn a day across markets.

XTX Markets’ expansive research cluster contains 100,000 cores and 20,000 A/V100 GPUs and is growing.  We also have 390 petabytes of usable storage and 7.5 petabytes of RAM.

Alongside rich datasets and advanced technological infrastructure we are at the forefront of the crossover of finance and technology.

XTX’s corporate philanthropy focuses on STEM education and maximum impact giving (alongside an employee matching programme). Since 2017, XTX has donated over £100mn to charities and good causes, establishing it as a major donor in the UK and globally.

XTY Labs is designed to be a home for those eager to pioneer the future of algorithmic trading, with a strategic focus on developing and applying novel machine learning techniques to financial data.

The division will be situated in Hudson Yards (New York) where researchers will have the opportunity to explore new ideas and transform their advanced machine learning research into real-world financial solutions, backed by XTX Markets’ expansive research cluster containing 100,000 cores and 20,000 A/V100 GPUs and growing, alongside rich datasets, and advanced technological infrastructure.

Emphasizing practical application, the Lab’s mission is to swiftly integrate successful models into the market, directly enhancing XTX Market’s trading strategies and operations. This direct pipeline from research to implementation establishes the XTY Labs as a premier destination for those looking to make a significant impact in the financial sector through original machine learning research.

XTY Labs is seeking AI Residents with a history of significant contributions to research in elite academic settings, such as PhDs, post-docs, or professorships to join the XTY Labs AI Residency Program. Exceptional machine learning researchers looking to explore how their expertise can revolutionize the finance industry will find fertile ground for research breakthroughs at the intersection of AI and finance within the XTY Labs.

There are two pathways within the AI Resident Program, designed to accommodate professionals at varying stages of their research careers, with both Junior and Senior AI residencies, each tailored to align with the applicants’ research experience and expertise.

Top-performers from the program will have the opportunity to transition into the core quantitative team of XTX Markets in London.

About Dr. Atlas Wang:

Dr. Atlas Wang has been a tenured Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin and has held various industry roles, most recently appointed as the new Research Director at XTX Markets. Dr. Wang, with a distinguished academic and professional track record, brings extensive expertise in machine learning, optimization, and AI technologies.

His research focuses on efficiently training and scaling foundational models, model robustness, and generative AI, among other areas.

Dr. Wang has received numerous awards, including the IEEE AI’s 10 To Watch Award, an NSF CAREER Award, an ARO Young Investigator Award, and many other accolades from industry and professional societies.



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