YouTubers gathered in 17sing bombing party. Inviting you to help the popularity contest, playing 17sing kick-off rank and rush sing mode.

TAIPEI, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From 3/29 to 4/7, 17sing invited many Internet celebrities to launch the “Bombing Party” event. The rules are simple: YouTube celebrities will compete for popularity with other celebrities in the 17sing APP. Internet celebrities organize their own party camps and invite fans to join in. After joining the party camp, fans can earn hot points by doing tasks and inviting others. Then, users can vote the hot points to party camp to increase the popularity. The top party camps will win great prizes!

These YouTubers who responded to the call were all top level: Sando, a YouTube creator with millions of followers; Crazy Man, a muscular man who plays hard and dares to try; YiLou, a sweet and healing girl who is welcome by the new generation; and 89 textbook, a handsome man who is super funny. As a YouTuber, they showed a strong desire to win: Sando is an old user of 17sing, and he found two other users he met in 17sing in the early days, and they made a music challenge video; Crazy Man was trapped in the elevator and had a romantic date with a beautiful lady by playing 17sing; YiLou played music games in 17sing with his younger brother; and 89 Textbook organized a music party in 17sing. In addition, these YouTubers will also give away exclusive customized gifts to their fans for support. Although each YouTuber is popular in their social medium, can they prove that they are still the top ceiling when it comes to 17sing? Let’s wait and see!

In videos, the YouTubers showed the many fun unique features of the 17sing: for example, the highly praised sing rush mode, players must compete to sing songs randomly played by the system, and their score must reach “S” to succeed. This is not only a test of the player’s hand speed, but also a test of the player’s song library, and even a test for player to sing steadily without going out of tune. The triple test of the rush sing mode brings more excitement and entertainment to many newcomers and makes them addicted to the game!

In addition, 17sing’s other feature is also very attractive: Kick-off rank. The Kick-off rank is a competitive and entertaining way to become a singer. Both players sing the same part of a song and are scored by 17sing’s AI scoring, and the player with the highest score advances to the next level. In this mode, players constantly battle with other players, not only can they improve their singing skills, but also get the sense of honor brought by victory, make users find it fun and exciting.

In addition, Sandu, a top internet celebrity with millions of fans, will party with fans on 17sing on Live at 8pm on March 31, and will give out exclusive customized posters. Please download 17sing APP in advance and go to 17sing Room ID: 242140, let’s party with Sandu! At present, the “17sing Bombing Party” event is carrying on, all YouTubers have already set up their own party camp. With more and more people joining, the party popularity ranking is getting tense. It’s time to prove that you’re a true fan, download the 17sing APP, join your favorite YouTuber’s party and dedicate popularity to them! Not only can you sing and make friends at the party, but you also have the chance to get exclusive customized gifts from Internet celebrities, so why not?

About 17sing

17sing is the most popular Karaoke social app in Taiwan. In this music platform, you can meet like-minded singers, join the theme room and enjoy the singing time together; you can also show your singing style through Live streaming and let your voice spread everywhere. The App also has artificial intelligence features, AI scoring, AI tuning to help you become a singer; its powerful sound system can present you with an immersive multi-scene karaoke experience; you can also play rush sing mode to feel the passion and joy of the competition; and the Kick-off rank, Play and Sing, Song Guessing Contest, and many other music games, can let you enjoy the magic of music. Sing on mobile phone, just go to 17sing!


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